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Fear of Potential
Élan Vital
When the Ocean was Pale
Lying Awake

                                                                                                      Documents my own personal journey as an artist. A journey of self-acceptance and a rapid growth of passion. The majority of my paintings have characteristics of evolutions and explosions to represent my rebirth as an artist and how it happened all at once as if it were a ‘big bang.’ Throughout this experience, I found joy in being an artist which I had previously resented out of fear. I was afraid that pursuing art would never cure the constant pressure of the debt of my college tuition and I was afraid it would only make it worse. After two years of running, I discovered that my unavoidable desire to make art was far stronger than the fear of my debt.

 I exploded.  I exploded with passion, with joy, and with a new love for who I am and what I do.


I would describe my experience with art as an explosive step forward and a passionate growth as I have become engrossed in it so much that it is become my everyday lifestyle. I have become so addicted to it that I often wish I were in the studio working when I am away. Ever since this, I have discovered a new overall joy in my life that has come from art and a sense of contentment in the person I am because of it.  

Underlying Evolutions

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